Monday, 23 July 2012

The Maestro Series

Book One of The Maestro Series, the compelling novel, Mozart in Love, and book Two, the racy romance, The Maestro's Mistress are now available in Amazon's Kindle Store.

                          Synopsis for Mozart in Love

‘A bachelor in my view is only half alive.’ So writes Wolfgang Mozart to his father in 1781 as he settles in Vienna intent on gaining fame and wealth.

Soon the prolific composer is charming audiences – and also a number of young ladies, most notably the appealing Constanze Weber. But the obstacles in the way of marriage to his beloved seem unsurmountable, and this is only a forerunner of the difficulties which will beset Mozart in his personal life.

For a time success and money are in his grasp. But when the public taste alters and Mozart falls out of favour, he struggles to make his way in the treacherous musical world of Vienna.

Constanze, weakened by five pregnancies, falls ill and the medical bills are huge. Suddenly the lack of money is critical.

And then a mysterious man in black arrives with a request to write a Requiem. The fee is unbelievably generous. Mozart finds himself on the brink of a fortune. But it is too late. The brilliant composer suddenly succumbs to a fever and dies with his Requiem incomplete.

How will Constanze secure the future for herself and her children? What will she do with the partially completed manuscript? Who will finish the magnificent requiem music and sign Mozart’s name at the bottom?

This is the true story of Mozart, as revealed in surviving documents and the family letters. It is a story packed with intrigue and passion – and a plot line almost as rich as his music.

The Maestro's Mistress

The Maestro's Mistress by acclaimed British author, Angela Dracup is now available on Kindle.

The Maestro: Saul Xavier is revered and envied by millions. He is talented, wealthy and magnetically attractive. But the two greatest desires of his life are unfulfilled until he meets Tara.

The Mistress: Tara is young, musically gifted and filled with enthusiasm for life. Xavier can’t resist her.

The Wife: Georgiana is an ice-cold beauty who revels in the status of being married to Xavier. What she doesn’t revel in is love-making. And when Tara steals Xavier away, she is determined to have revenge.

In this novel of intense love, passion and jealousy, three people play out a gripping drama which boils up to a momentous and unexpected climax.